Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What are people saying about this "shockumentary?"

"We were very excited to attend the first screening of Janes "Shockumentary" It was everything we expected and more! We laughed and cried...it was a spectacular feature complete with heroes, villians, sex, comedy and drama. It truly represents the courage this wonderful spirit has shown her entire life and we are proud to know her! A must see!!!"
-Frank V., LMT

"Amazing show for my date and I. I found it to be so wonderfully made, beyond my wildest dreams. Emotional at times and hysterical at others, with a dab of uber wierd. Love you and Tom Trainer and am so proud of how amazing all your hard work turned out!!! Cannes here she comes to knock your socks off!!!!!!!!!"
- JLB., Paralegal 

"Must say I really wasn't sure what to expect when I went to the premier with my girlfriend. I had heard about Jane but never talked to or met her. From a non bias view, during and after seeing her movie I must say it is EXTRAORDINARY! Very informative and well put together. AMAZING how much Jane has been thru and the way she defied all the odds to be where she is today. I would recommend this movie to anyone. You'll reflect on your own life and appreciate what you have and know you can do anything, no matter the obstacles if you put your mind to it. So glad to meet you Jane and Tom you put together one hell of a documentary!"

- Casey L., FF/EMT

"I was blessed enough to get to be there for the premiere of this wonderful documentary! Was nicely done. Laughed hysterically!"
- Mary A., LMT 

"Plain Jane was fucking awesome. I hope it finds a huge audience!! I wish I could watch it again RIGHT NOW, cuz that bitch is fucking hysterical!!"

- Jeremy W., Master Cosmetologist 

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