Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shockumentary Gains Fans In Australia

Northcott, in Australia, is an organization committed to facilitating people with disabilities in living the lives they choose to live by providing needed support. A shockumentary fan in Australia contacted the library at Northcott and told them they needed to add Plain Jane The Shockumentary to their list of resources...and they did! The following is their very kind review.

Plain Jane: The Shockumentary – Review from Northcott in Australia 
Should work be allowed to be this much fun? This is the question I asked myself while viewing The Shockumentary in preparation to adding the DVD to Northcott’s catalogue. I truly belly laughed out loud and wondered if those within earshot wondered what was happening in the library.

Jane Hash generously shares her whole life with her viewers in this autobiographical documentary. Her condition, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, is a genetic brittle bone disorder. Jane exudes confidence, independence and an energy for life. The documentary uses a range of devices to share Jane’s story. Re-enactments, graphics, stills from the past and video footage combine to tell this sassy lady’s life story. The frankness that Jane exhibits with her sexuality and in relating her past alcohol dependence means that her viewers should be prepared to be confronted but not nervous. Pussy shaving is one topic given full coverage. Honesty is a trait to be appreciated and respected. All people interviewing for home health aides should take a leaf from Jane’s methods in order to find the right person for their needs.

So much of this film is sheer entertainment. The fire scenes along with the drums are magic. The scenes of the destruction of the computer are high comedy and few of us have not wanted to take the same revenge. Jane has no need for political correctness. She wants questioners to be respectful. “Say it nice,” is her message. 
Where will this DVD find its place in the Northcott collection? It will encourage borrowers to choose to live lives that highlight their personal strengths, to seek adventure, to find enjoyable activities and to know when to find ways around what others may see as limitations. Northcott staff will benefit from using Jane’s story to appreciate the breadth of a life well lived thus far. There is undoubtedly much more to follow. 
The assistance of our first borrower in writing this review is appreciated. She enjoyed Plain Jane: The Shockumentary as much as I did.
Judi Lipp
Northcott Librarian 

In general, at this time, Plain Jane The Shockumentary is only available in the US and Canada.  However, in the very near future it will be streaming online.

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