Sunday, April 28, 2013

Update From Plain Jane Headquarters

Hello, Dear Friends, Fans, and Supporters!  

Thank you for all your emails of encouragement and for asking about the release date of this film.  Your enthusiasm means a lot to us!  
BFF believes "midgets are magical!"

Film Festivals are our main focus right now.  They offer lots of opportunities yet also have quite a few rules.  One of their rules is that we can't share "Plain Jane The SHOCKUMENTARY" with the whole world until after the festivals are over, which is later this year.  Right now we're in the process of entering festival #5!  

We are allowed to hold limited showings in Ohio though!  We are pursuing a venue in downtown Cleveland.  Once we have secured a corporate sponsor(s) to make this goal a reality, YOU will be the first to know!  Also, we will be showing "Plain Jane The SHOCKUMENTARY" at the Starwood Festival in July, followed by a Q&A with Director/Producer Tom Trainer and this film's quirky subject, Jane Hash (that's me!)

Peace & Prosperity!

Plain Jane

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