Saturday, November 23, 2013

What makes this movie a “SHOCKUMENTARY?”

Hello there, friends, fans, and amazingly supportive community! Questions about Plain Jane The SHOCKUMENTARY are starting to roll in and we are very happy to respond! There is one question we are asked the most so we decided this was a good place to provide an answer.

Q. What makes this movie a “SHOCKUMENTARY?”

A. This movie is a “SHOCKUMENTARY” because although it’s wacky and entertaining, it is a documentary. None of the characters are fictional. Every topic is presented with either a big dose of dark humor, obscure imagery, awesome original music, or all three. Other than the obvious dream sequence where Jane carries out an act of revenge, none of the scenarios are contrived.

There are plenty of documentaries about spirituality, sexuality, addiction, recovery, health, family dynamics, disability, dwarfism, activism and other subjects that many find uncomfortable yet inspiring.  What makes this movie a "SHOCKUMENTARY" is that it combines ALL of these topics in one a few surprises.

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