Saturday, November 22, 2014

Freak Show and Shockumentary Are Not Inspiration Porn

The online magazine, TakePart, recently published an article addressing what has come to be known as "inspiration porn" which, objectifies people with disabilities - as if by simply having a disability and being seen in public is 'inspirational'. Hollywood was rightfully scolded by TakePart for perpetuating this erroneous and condescending notion. 

Fortunately, there is new media available that portrays people with disabilities in a more realistic fashion. Viewers may find these disabled characters inspiring, and that's ok because it will be for all the right reasons. Plain Jane The SHOCKUMENTARY and American Horror Story: Freak Show were used as positive, stereotype shattering examples. To read the full article, click on the quote below.

Hash made a conscious choice to avoid having the film “feel like science class,” as she puts it, or position her as a hero. When she’s buying bread, she’s just buying bread. And if some scenes seem unusual—she’s at a drum circle, say, or a clothing-optional festival—the joke is on the viewer for surmising she belongs anywhere else. “People should see the reality, not us being put on some pedestal just because we got dressed and got out of bed,” Hash says.

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