Sunday, November 30, 2014

Top 10 Reasons To Take Advantage Of The SHOCKING BOGO Holiday Sale

Dear Friends, Fans, and Supporters,

It has been an interesting year. As this shocking documentary that briefly yet boldly describes how I became who I am creeps around the globe, it brings me opportunities to meet new and interesting people. The wild ride is not over and I am excited to see where it will take me next!

In the past few weeks, several Plain Jane the SHOCKUMENTARY enthusiasts have emailed me to see if the film was still available on DVD because they think it would make a great holiday gift. The answer to that question is, "hell ya!" 

These inquiries have me so overcome with gratitude that I have a gift for you! The SHOCKING BOGO Holiday Sale begins December 1st, 2014 and ends December 24th, 2014. For every Plain Jane the SHOCKUMENTARY DVD you purchase, you will get one FREE! 

(This offer is only available within the USA)

Not sure if Plain Jane the SHOCKUMENTARY is the right gift for your loved one? Well, here are ten reasons why I think it would make an excellent gift for anyone over the age of 18.

  1. It's hilarious! It has not yet been confirmed but it is suspected that some viewers actually laughed their asses off. Although Plain Jane the SHOCKUMENTARY is technically a documentary, it is highly entertaining.
  2. Some scenes, like the one where I'm having sex, might get viewers a little hot and bothered. However, it is absolutely not the inspiration porn that audiences have sadly gotten accustomed to.
  3. The soundtrack is an assortment of original work by the original Artists that encompasses Blues, Hiphop, Rock, Punk, and Country.
  4. Plain Jane the SHOCKUMENTARY pushes viewers out of their comfort zones and encourages open minds to open just a little further.
  5. Gender and sexual diversity are a constant underlying theme yet, the words "gay" "bisexual" and "transsexual" are never spoken. 
  6. Cats! A film about my life must include cats. They just make life better.
  7. Viewers gets to see what happens when I get pissed off, in more than one scene! There is some blood and a bit of violence...but not at the same time.
  8. The dream sequence! I didn't REALLY trick anyone into eating poop...I just thought about it. 
  9. There are some very serious subjects addressed in Plain Jane the SHOCKUMENTARY. To put it as mildly as possible, I have been through some shit. Before viewers have a chance to get all sappy about it though, the scene changes and they find themselves crying tears of laughter.
  10. Many find this documentary to be inspiring and that's nice and flattering and all that good stuff. However, it is also empowering! I shared these intimate bits and pieces of myself and my life in Plain Jane the SHOCKUMENTARY to empower others to overcome their fears and do what makes them happy!
There you go folks. These are the top ten reasons I think Plain Jane the SHOCKUMENTARY makes an excellent gift for all occasions. Thank you.

Plain Jane

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